why your help is important

If you are reading this, you probably have a personal connection to the town of Pollença.

You may have come here on holiday – once, or twice or every year for the past 10 years.

You may have stayed at a hotel, rented a finca or perhaps you own a house in the old town.

What is certain is that you have spent precious and happy times in this community and its surrounding areas.

Maybe you would like to show your sense of belonging and love of Pollença by supporting causes that benefit the people of the village.

We contiuously support a local food bank, the supply of butane for heat and cooking during the winter, and have been organising a variety of educational programmes for the young.

Join us in helping our neighbors by donating!

Thank you



“We are never happier than when we are in Pollença and have missed it terribly. We can’t wait to get back home.”

– Nick and Lesley Hopkinson, UK


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