who we are

PollençaCARES was founded in 2020 in response to the Covid crisis, and is now continuing its work as a community association.

We aim to support existing local charities and projects, all in coordination with the town hall’s social services, through donations and direct actions. We, a group of mostly foreigners who call Pollença and Puerto Pollença our home, want to show our solidarity, and help.

Our founding members are Claire Trelford, Dana Bena, Karin v. Pölnitz, Liz Barratt-Brown, Magdalena Seguí Cerdà, Martina Singer, Mo Henkel and Sally Everist, and we are organised as a Spanish non-profit association with a board of five members.

Our accounts are checked and reviewed by the accounting and tax advisory agency Borras Assessors in Puerto Pollensa.



“Lorsque je suis à Pollença, je suis atteinte d’un curieux symptôme… je me sens tellement bien ici que j’oublie tout! Il n’y a plus que l’instant présent qui compte.” 

– Bénédicte Gerin, FR



“One is always warmly welcomed in Pollensa, by close friends and shopkeepers alike. No one is a stranger.” 

– Liz B – B, USA


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