who we are…

PollençaCARES aims to support existing local charities and projects, all in coordination with the town hall’s social services, through donations and direct actions. We, a group of mostly foreigners who call Pollença and Puerto Pollença our home, want to show our solidarity, and help.

Our current focus is to support and complement the local food banks with basic necessities and fresh produce, to donate butane gas bottles for heating and cooking, and to offer help and support in dealing with the consequences of this crisis situation.

why we care…

As you know, Mallorca’s economy relies very heavily, not to say exclusively, on tourism, and the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on it. In the first half of this year, Mallorca’s hotels had 92% fewer guests than in the year before.

This summer’s tourist season lasted all but one month. Since then many shops and businesses have had to shut down permanently.

There is a spirit of sorrow and uncertainty amongst people.

Right now there are over 320 families in Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa relying on the local food banks, and that number is rising.

Winter is just starting, and the beginning of this year’s summer season is being pushed further and further back. There is hope, but no certainty, and there are many hard months ahead.


why your help is important…

If you are reading this, you probably have a personal connection to the Mallorcan town of Pollença.

You may have come here on holiday – once, or twice or every year for the past 10 years.

You may have stayed at a hotel, rented a finca or perhaps you own a house in the old town.

What is certain is that you have spent precious and happy times in this community and its surrounding areas.

The waiters in your favourite café on the plaza have come to recognise you, and the cashier at the local grocery store greets you like an old friend.

You feel at home, even on your first visit.

what you can do…

Now, many of the people who normally make your holiday pleasant – the chefs and waiters, cleaners and gardeners, taxi drivers and boutique owners – are going through very hard times. They have not worked or opened their businesses in over a year.

The minimum assistance income in Spain is 325 Euros – almost impossible to survive on if you have a family to feed.

Please help us to help our neighbours and donate.

Thank you!

what we are doing – latest news!

Comida Solidaria

We are very excited to announce the beginning of our collaboration with Restaurante Bellaverde and Svenja Gallé and her team.   Last Sunday we served over 200 nutritious and healthy vegetarian take-away lunches to residents of Puerto Pollensa who had signed up through social services and HOPE.   As always, we hope to sponsor this …