who we are…

We, a group of mostly expat women living in Pollença, created this platform in 2020 to enable the many foreigners who love this town to show their solidarity.

We have now resolved to continue our work as a community charity focusing on primary aid as well as educational and mental/emotional health projects.

why we care…

Caring for and participating in the life of our community is an essential part of living.

We, as expats, feel it is important to participate in the life of our new or second home, and hopefully make a small difference.

why you are important…

If you are reading this you probably have a personal connection to Pollença.

Whether home owner, frequent visitor or permanent resident, you may consider this town your second, or even first, home.

And maybe you would like to show your appreciation by supporting causes that benefit the most needy, or an educational program for the young.

what you can do…

Your donation can help us to continuously support a local food bank, donate butane bottles during the winter, and organise educational programmes for the young.

Thank you!

what we are doing – latest news!

Feliz Navidad!

    We are very proud to be celebrating three years of continuous support for the nuns’ (Fundacio de Cors Oberts) food bank, supplying people in need with fresh produce on a bi-weekly basis. . A big THANK YOU to our generous donors, and a very happy festive season.           .

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